Monday, September 14, 2020

Mandarino Minutes for 9-14-20

 Dear Parents/Guardians,

Week 2-  

Today and tomorrow marks the days that 50% of our students will be here at Upton. Dismissal on 1/2 days is 11:00 AM  Wednesday and Thursday will be our first full days. Dismissal on full days is 2:42 PM. Friday will be a virtual morning.  

Here is Friday's schedule for the virtual morning:

Secondary Remote Friday 9/18
9:00 - 9:231st Hour Morning Meeting 9:00 am - 9:23
9:30 - 9:532nd Hour Morning Meeting9
10:00 - 10:233rd Hour Morning Meeting
10:30 - 10:534th Hour Morning Meeting
11:00 - 11:235th Hour Morning Meeting
11:30 - 11:536th Hour Morning Meeting

 Phase in 2 week visual:

Emergency Update Forms -

Everyone should have received an Emergency Update Form in the mail prior to school starting.  If you have not, let the office know.  Please correct any missing or incorrect information, sign it at the top and have your child return it to their 1st hour teacher, if you have not already.  Virtual students can drop those sheets off in our drop box on the outside brick wall by the office.

Picture Day is 9/23 for in-person students-

Forms will be coming home soon with your student but if you would like to order online, use this link:

Picture Day for Virtual Students is scheduled for 10/16-


Information will be sent to those students directly through an email.

Want to ride the bus? -

If you still need to sign up for the bus, please contact the Transportation Department at 269-926-3900. Upton bus schedules are on the Upton Middle School website under the parent tab and transportation. 

Picking your student up early from school-

Parents sign out students in the office, then wait outside. We will send students out to you. Parents are not allowed to wait in the office. 

Medication at School-

Stop by the office to pick up a medication administration form if your child needs to take medication during the day. This form must be signed by your doctor and then returned to the office with the medication. This includes any prescription medication, EpiPen, or inhalers. 

Choir/Band/Orchestra Virtual Students -

Your students are welcome to start attending class with instruments on Sept. 16 (last name A-K) or Sept 17th (last name L-Z).  Upon arrival students will check in with the main office and then proceed to their class.  Students must exit the building through the office.


Virtual students are responsible for bringing their instrument to and from school - you will not be issued an orchestra locker.


Be sure to join your director's Google Classroom. Your students have all received emails with the link to join.

Please be sure to follow the district calendar for late starts and half days.

Regular schedule at Upton MS:

1st hour 7:45-8:54 - 8th Band/Orchestra/Uptones

2nd hour 8:58-9:58 - 6th Band/Choir

3rd hour 10:02-11:02 - 7th Band/Choir

4th hour 11:34-12:34 - 7th Orchestra

5th hour 12:38-1:38 - 6th Orchestra

6th hour 1:42-2:42 - CONFERENCE

Back To School Night Tomorrow -

Tomorrow an email blast will go out with the links to connect with your child's teachers for back to school night virtual presentations. These will be taped and do not need to be watched live.

Laptop Paperwork 2020-2021-

Laptop Paperwork for the 2020-21 school year will be sent out later this week.  We are working to make the process and optional insurance payment digital this year.  All students should be taking devices home daily given the possibility of remote learning at some point during the year.

SJPS Media Resource-

The SJPS Library/Media team has created a website resource for students and parents to help navigate district technology.  Please visit the SJPS Student/Parent Digital Handbook site for helpful information.  Upton students will be introduced to the site later this week during their laptop bootcamp.  Additionally, students will have some activities to complete in Google Classroom to help them become better acquainted with our technology.

Guidance Team Resource -

Our wonderful guidance team has created a wonderful resource for our SJPS families. This will take the place of the monthly blog that was created last school year. Here is the link:

Guidance google site

Yearbook Order Forms-

In an effort to eliminate paper, checks, and cash we are preferring parents use online payments this year. All fees are waived and they can pay via check/money order. You can access the WebStore from our district home page, or any building home page via the button along the left side for online payments. 

Sideline Cheer -

Hello Ladies!

I am so excited for the chance to coach you all in sideline cheer this year! It’s a short season but we are going to have so much fun and learn a lot! 

There will be a parent/player VIRTUAL meeting on Monday, September 14th, 2020 at 5:45pm.  This will give you all the information that you will need for the season.  

Here is the link to the meeting 

Our first practice will be on Tuesday, September 15th at 4:30pm at Upton track.  To practice on this day, you MUST have your informed consent form and transportation for athletes form (these are on one piece of paper) turned into the Upton office.  

If you have any questions please email me at 

Can’t wait to see you and a parent virtually on Monday!! 

Coach Liz Reimers

Quote of the week -

Have a wonderful week,
Mr. Mandarino

Thursday, September 3, 2020

Mandarino Minutes for 9-3-20

 Dear Parents/Guardians,

Welcome -

Welcome to a new school year.  Our first day of school is September 8th-11th, 2020. (Depending on your last name)  A new school year is always exciting! We know that things will look different. The staff will do our best to make sure Upton is welcoming, safe, and a place of relationship-building. Academic emphasis on the core content areas of language arts, science, social studies, and math will remain a priority.  A variety of instruction in the performing & visual arts, Spanish, life management, industrial education, technology, and physical education complete our program providing each student with the opportunity to develop areas of interest and skill.

Please become a part of our UPTO. Please utilize the district website, and the Parent Portal regularly.  By being a part of your child’s education you are establishing strong foundations and being a positive role model. We depend on a partnership here at school and with you at home.

The staff at Upton Middle School looks forward to working with you! Mr. Mandarino

Masks are required-

If your family choose the face-to-face education you have chosen to have your child wear a mask at school. We will expect them to be on during class, passing time, etc. Please help us by having this conversation with your daughter/son before the first day of school.

Packet in the Mail -

In the next day or two your child's schedule will arrive along with other various pieces of paperwork.  It will reflect the following:

  • Semester 1 and rotation 1 (For 6th and 7th grades)
  • On the back of the schedule is directions for setting up PowerSchool Parent Portal
  • A map will be included in the packet so that the students can shade in their classrooms.  They can bring this the first day of school.
  • The emergency card is in the packet as well.  Please sign and have your son/daughter bring it the first day of their school year.
  • Other items are in this envelope as well.

District Bus Routes and Times-

Please see the link if your daughter/son will be riding the bus.  The link includes:
  • Every school in the district bus schedules
  • The name of the driver
  • The name of the animal (important to know for loading after school)
  • The stop location
  • The approximate time the bus will pickup in the AM/drop off in the PM

Virtual Students Coming in for Band, Choir, Orchestra -

If your daughter/son is a virtual student that is coming into Upton for band, choir, or orchestra they must sign in at the main office before going to their classroom.

Morning Drop off and After school pickup -

In the site based reopening plan starting on page 13 (under phase 4) is the morning drop off procedures. If you haven't taken the time to review this, please do so. The after school pickup begins on page 23. We have photos to assist you. We need to all be very careful, drive slow, watch for students in the parking lot, and please never be in a hurry. Here is the link to review the plans if you have not:


First two weeks phase in schedule -

The link below tells you which day of the week your children come to school the first two weeks of school.

Your Child Forgot Something? -

If your son/daughter forgot an item we will have a table in the vestibule for you to set the item down at.  You will simply buzz in at the front door, the secretary will let you in, and you will set the item down on the table, and your child can check in at the office for the item.  We are limiting the visitors inside the building.  

Opening School Youtube Video-

I know many of you have already viewed the opening school UMS video, but if not here is the link one more time:

Quote of the week -

Enjoy the Labor Day Weekend,
Mr. Mandarino

Friday, August 21, 2020

Mandarino Minutes for 8-21-20

 Dear Parents/Guardians,

I hope this finds you well-

I hope your family is enjoying the beautiful weather and are all doing well! School whether virtual or face-to-face is just around the corner and below will be a few helpful items to view at your leisure.  

Mandarino Minutes-

This is one avenue that I will communicate with you for the entire school year.  I know a ton of information has been thrown at you this past week, but we hope that each day that we continue to help answer questions and provide information that will be helpful to you.

Return to Learn Video-

Here is a short youtube video clip that outlines a few items you may have been wondering.

Return to Learn Video Clip Link 

Phase in Schedule for the first few weeks- 

Food Service Paying Online-

Step 1: Creating an Account
• To setup a new account, go to and click the Create New Account button. 
• Follow the on-screen instructions.
• After clicking the Create Account button, a confirmation email will be sent to the address you provided. Be sure to check your junk or spam folders if you don’t see it within a few minutes.
Step 2: Confirm Your Email Address
• Click the link provided in the confirmation email to finalize creation of your account.
Step 3: Adding Your Children
• Sign in and follow the on-screen instructions to add your children or yourself to your account.
• You will be asked to provide the following information for each person:
1. ID Number
2. First and Last Name
3. Birthdate

• Make online deposits
• View your children’s
purchase histories
• Set parental controls
• Transfer funds among siblings

Frequently Asked Question:
-  I forgot my Password. Can I reset it?
On the login page, click the Forgot Your Password link. Enter your email address, and a new password will be sent to you.
-  How long does it take for deposits to appear at school?
Upon approval, deposits typically are available at the school within 10 minutes.
-  Is secure?
SMTS uses encryption to protect your data in both the browser and at the data center. Additionally, no credit card information is stored on our servers.

SJPS Family Instructional Choice- 

If you have already filled out the survey we thank you very much!  If you have not here is the link below to do so at this time.  If you want more information on the virtual option please visit the SJPS website for more specifics.

UMS Site Based Plan-

This is a big document that has a lot of information.  This can be found for every school on the SJPS website.

Incoming 6th grader orientation website-

I wanted to resend the incoming 6th grade orientation website that we sent back in June.  We will also work closely with your incoming 6th grader the first few weeks of school to help them feel comfortable and acclimated. To put your 6th grader at ease about lockers we will start the year without lockers. 

Quote of the week-

Have a wonderful weekend,
Mr. Mandarino

Mandarino Minutes for 9-14-20

  Dear Parents/Guardians, Week 2-    Today and tomorrow marks the days that 50% of our students will be here at Upton. Dismissal on 1/2 days...